Our Products

We created some products for business that is very helpful to the growth of organizations.

Our Products



Hirevoo is the software developed by our team to make the recruitment
process simple and more effective. Candidates can be interviewed
virtually using Hirevoo through video interviewing
which involves no interaction with employees of your company.
In this software solution, questions are added tailored
to each position and will record the answer and evaluate the
individual accordingly. This software helps them save time interviewing
100 candidates for each position and simplifies recruitment at a low cost.

Task Management


Our Task Management Software eliminates the necessity to organise
sticky notes, search e-mails, and create to-do lists. It is a task management
tool that prioritizes task, manage time and employees more effectively
and helps to hit the deadline. This software helps to track tasks from
beginning to end, delegating sub-tasks to the team is much easier and
helps complete projects promptly. With our Task Management Software,
it is easy to determine which team members are overburdened with work
and who can take on a few additional assignments.

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