A UK-based manpower supply company in the healthcare sector. It recruits nurses from around the world for their employers who provide nursing services in Basildon. The company also had an educational line of business where they helped nursing job aspirants with their journey toward securing a job in the UK.

Key Challenges and Requirements

The Flexirecs project was an opportunity for Hidile to build solutions for the company’s entire recruitment ecosystem. The company had been attempting to build an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to manage its candidate application process. However, none of the software vendors they worked with were able to take the project to completion.

Solutions Offered by Hidile

Hidile brought an end to multiple project failures Flexirecs had in the past – while developing recruitment applications – by building multiple apps that met their key business requirements. These include:

  • Flexirecs mobile app: this app was used by employees to manage payouts and shifts
  • Internal ATS: given that in the UK, nursing employees are paid based on the shift and number of hours, this application was built for candidates to apply for and manage their shifts. This included key features such as bidding, applying for jobs, payment management,etc.
  • Flexi job portal: while the internal ATS was used for managing workflows within the company, the job portal was a full-fledged ATS with the ability for candidates all across the world to apply for jobs and track their applications. It also had a business-facing interface where HR professionals could easily manage the job application process.
  • Flexi LMS: this learning management system was built for Flexirecs to educate candidates on the job application process, visa formalities, interview preparation, etc. It came with features like course hosting, candidate management, user access management, etc.

Business Benefits

  • Seamless management of job applications from candidates all over the world.
  • The LMS helped Flexirecs to attract more candidates by becoming a credible source of information for nursing aspirants.
  • Effective management of employee working hours and shifts.

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