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Digital Transformation

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

While cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world, numerous companies grapple with comprehending its strategic significance. The cloud can deliver value across your business’s economic, technical, and strategic dimensions. Organizations that have embraced cloud services have reported diverse performance improvements stemming from their adoption. Hidile will effectively coordinate complementary capabilities and lead you to higher returns using cloud adoption.

“Cloud has demonstrated a clear ability to impact the bottom line, and organisations globally are committed to next-gen technology development strategies that are powered by cloud,”

Cloud services with uniform infrastructure, data management, and business processes have a competitive edge. These services allow for isolating specific processes ideal for cloud services, facilitating the seamless adoption of cloud vendors’ best practices. With our consolidated and standardized technical foundation, you will be well-prepared for swift deployment and cost-effective access to cloud services.


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We will provide the flexibility to swiftly expand or reduce their investments in new applications and innovations better aligned with cloud-based solutions. The inherent capability of our cloud services to quickly scale resources minimizes the risk associated with organizational innovation. 

Proficiency in managing external vendor partnerships and robust cloud service IT capability is vital for a growing enterprise. It is essential to excel at managing external vendor partnerships and IT capabilities for cloud services, of which Hidile is an expert. By partnering with potential SMBs, we envision improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Mobile and App Development

Much like corporate websites opened up channels for customer engagement, a fresh tool has emerged to perform a similar role in the mobile sphere: mobile applications, which are software or programs designed for mobile devices. Despite the media’s focus on gaming, location-based, and social media apps, sometimes overshadowing the business advantages, this tool can be a powerhouse for branding and fostering business growth.

Welcome to the era where an app is not just an option but a necessity for your brand’s visibility and engagement. Just as having a website was a significant milestone in the 1990s, today, the question is whether your business has a dedicated application developed to cater to your unique needs. With the mobile handset count skyrocketing from 2 billion in 2005 to 5 billion, the app industry is witnessing exponential growth, making it a crucial component of your communication and marketing strategy.

Scope of mobile applications in business operations

Market Presence and Visibility

Stand out in the crowded digital landscape by offering a seamless, branded experience through a dedicated mobile application.

Customer Engagement

Enhance customer interaction and loyalty with a user-friendly app that provides valuable features and services.

Business Customization

Tailor your app to meet specific business needs, creating a unique solution that resonates with your target audience.

In this mobile-centric era, having a robust app is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Take the lead in your industry by incorporating a tailored mobile application into your business strategy. Partnering with us to explore how our expertise can elevate your brand’s presence in the ever-expanding mobile landscape.

Digital Transformation and Mobility

In the modern business landscape, digital transformation is the driving force behind staying competitive and relevant. It involves strategically integrating digital technologies to reshape operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. Digital transformation is not solely a technological shift; it’s a cultural shift that necessitates adaptation for organizations to thrive.

At Hidiile, we recognize the pivotal role that effective application training plays in uniting teams from diverse departments. We understand that senior leaders often perceive training as an additional task, but we believe in transforming this perception by making training sessions engaging, rewarding, and enjoyable.


The Power of Engaging Training

Shift in Perception

We understand the importance of shifting the perception of training from a task to an opportunity for growth and collaboration.

Integration into Daily Routines

Training becomes second nature when employees seamlessly integrate applications into their daily routines, making it a natural part of their workflow.

Fostering Innovation

Our approach encourages employees not only to adopt new methods and tools but also to explore innovative ways of utilizing them. This fosters a culture of continuous innovation within your organization.

Adding Value and Efficiency

Continuous Client Monitoring:

We believe in the power of continuous client monitoring to understand evolving needs and challenges, ensuring that our solutions consistently add value to your business.

Proactive Updation

Regular updates and proactive enhancements keep your applications aligned with industry trends and your evolving business requirements.

Cultivating a Data-Centric Culture

Tailored Approaches

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our strategies can focus on one department at a time, leverage artificial intelligence enthusiasm, or pinpoint a specific domain within any department to capture universal attention.

Nine Years of Expertise:

With nine years of experience, Hidile has a proven track record of partnering in digital transformations across multiple industries. Our expertise ensures a seamless transition toward a data-centric culture.

IT Outsourcing

Organizations usually use a strategic vs commodity approach to outsource their services. If it is not a core strategic service that doesn’t make any difference from competitors, they tend to outsource, which is more economically beneficial.

At Hidile, we offer a solution that not only reduces costs but also enhances efficiency by eliminating the complexities tied to switching providers or bringing services in-house.

Advantages of our Outsourcing Strategy:

Cost Efficiency

Our strategy cuts costs associated with deploying and managing in-house engineering teams. This eliminates administrative overhead and operational responsibilities, streamlining your IT expenses.

Resource Optimization:

By outsourcing non-core IT services to Hidile, you can optimize your resources and refocus on your primary objectives. Our trusted services free you from the hassle of constantly switching vendors.

Why Choose Hidile for IT Outsourcing

Trustworthy Partnership

Build a trustworthy partnership with Hidile that allows you to confidently outsource your non-core IT services, knowing that we are committed to delivering excellence.

Reliable Expertise

Benefit from our reliable expertise in handling diverse IT components. We have the knowledge and experience to manage your IT needs seamlessly.

Elevate Your IT Efficiency

Streamlined Operations:

Our approach ensures streamlined operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your primary objectives. We take care of the intricacies, leaving you with a simplified and efficient IT infrastructure.

Resource Focus:

Release yourself from the burden of constantly switching vendors. With Hidile as your trusted IT partner, you can allocate resources where they are needed the most, enhancing overall organizational productivity.

In today’s dynamic landscape of HR and Talent management, addressing challenges such as talent acquisition and retention, workforce motivation across multiple generations, and skill development while ensuring compliance with regulations is paramount.

Step into the future of HR and Talent Management with Hidile Consulting, where we address the multifaceted challenges of talent acquisition, retention, workforce motivation, and skill development while ensuring regulatory compliance in today’s dynamic landscape.

Unlocking Organizational Success:

Strategic Partnership:

Forge a strategic partnership with Hidile Consulting’s HR and Talent Outsourcing services, allowing your team to focus on pivotal activities that drive organizational success.

Efficiency and Scalability:

Experience highly efficient, effective, and scalable operations that deliver significant value. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and partners.

Results-Oriented Engagement:

Adaptable Delivery Methods:

Our results-oriented engagement approach thrives on adaptable delivery methods. We tailor our strategies to your specific requirements, ensuring maximum impact.

Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Embrace cutting-edge technologies that enhance the experiences of both candidates and employees. From AI and virtual agents to data analytics and intelligent workflows, we leverage technology for transformative outcomes.

Seamless Integration with HR Technologies:

Utilize Existing Investments:

Harness your existing investments in HR technologies, whether it’s Oracle, SuccessFactors, Workday, or any other platform. We seamlessly integrate our methodologies and resources, streamlining operations for optimal efficiency.

Fundamental Transformations:

Instigate fundamental transformations in how work is executed. Our approach includes the integration of AI, virtual agents, data analytics, and intelligent workflows for a comprehensive and forward-thinking HR strategy.

At Hidile Consulting, we redefine the future of HR and Talent Management by blending expertise, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology. [Contact Us] to embark on a transformative journey that elevates your organization’s HR and Talent capabilities to new heights.

Intelligent Automation and Chatbots

Are you contemplating the deployment of a customer service chatbot that directly interacts with your customers? As an executive, making this decision can be challenging, navigating the realm of AI hype on one side and concerns about machine interactions with your customers on the other. At Intelligent Customer Service Solutions, we understand the delicate balance you need to strike.

Elevate Customer Experience with AI

Customer service chatbots have the potential to not only reduce costs but also significantly enhance the overall customer experience. Imagine having a virtual agent at your customers’ disposal 24/7, providing prompt responses that often surpass the speed of human agents. The impact on customer satisfaction is substantial.

Data-Driven AI Training

One key aspect of our approach is leveraging data from contact center transcripts. These transcripts serve as the foundation for training the AI that powers our virtual agents. With training data featuring hundreds of thousands of instances, we ensure that our virtual agents are equipped with the machine learning capabilities necessary for effective customer interactions.

Smarter Virtual Agents

The effectiveness of a virtual agent hinges on the richness of its training data. Our commitment is to provide training data that goes beyond sparsity, allowing the virtual agent to develop the intelligence required to accurately identify customer intents. We understand that the smarts of a virtual agent make all the difference in delivering a seamless and personalized customer service experience.

Make the leap into the future of customer service with Intelligent Customer Service Solutions. Embrace AI-driven chatbots that not only cut costs but revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. Trust us to deliver the sophistication your business deserves.

Businesses need a chatbot like a virtual agent that scans the customer’s request, combines that with whatever other information is available (such as their past purchases, account settings, or geographic location), and then identifies the customer’s intent. Virtual agents are most effective in customer service applications in service-heavy industries like financial services, retail, travel, and telecom. 

Rapid Prototyping Services

In our rapid prototyping approach, every iterative test of the evolving prototype provides invaluable glimpses of user interactions, creating a steady stream of data for our clients to observe and derive confidence from. Witness the transformative journey as client visibility into user reactions grows increasingly positive with each feedback-incorporated iteration—building upon the last and paving the way for the next. It’s a seamless progression that instills confidence in our clients as user satisfaction steadily rises. Experience the power of dynamic prototyping, where every iteration propels not just design refinement but also client assurance, culminating in a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Bridging the Gap between Concept and Reality

Our process thrives on the synergy between visionary designers and discerning clients. It not only sparks creativity but also provides a solid foundation for turning groundbreaking concepts into proven realities. The real magic lies in the transformation of immediate future insights, gathered through prototype users, into legitimate historical data.

The Power of Immediate Future Insights

Imagine having a glimpse into the future—our process effectively captures input data from the immediate future, courtesy of prototype users. This data, once experienced by the user, seamlessly transitions into legitimate historical data. It’s a dynamic cycle that propels your design concepts into the realm of real-world impact.

A Play of Perspectives

Forgive us for a touch of hyperbole, but the data we generate is akin to light—simultaneously a wave and a particle. It’s versatile, embodying the fluidity of forward-thinking ideas while solidifying into the concrete proof of success experienced by our users.

Join us on this journey of innovation where design meets practicality, and ideas materialize into impactful solutions. Explore the boundless possibilities that our design process unfolds


In the realm of design, the spotlight often shines on the symbiotic relationship between designers and end-users, inadvertently overlooking the pivotal impact of the design process on the collaboration between designers and clients. Traditional design education tends to center around perfecting the end-user experience, understandably so. However, for the design discipline to truly realize its potential in enhancing businesses and delivering exceptional user experiences, it’s imperative to turn the lens inward. We believe it’s time for designers to introspect on how they engage with their business clients. After all, it is through these collaborative relationships that designers pave the way to seamlessly connect with the end-users of the products they meticulously craft. Join us in redefining design dynamics and elevating the client-designer partnership to new heights, ensuring that superior user experiences are not just a promise but a reality.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Technology and business intelligence (BI) provide a wealth of data to guide even the most nuanced decision-making. For many scenarios, there is data that can show you the outcome of past decisions that were similar and reveal the projected outcomes over time. Despite this, many leaders aren’t taking full advantage of the tools at their disposal and rely heavily on gut-instinct in situations where data provides a more complete picture.

The Hidile Advantage:

Strategic Decision-Making:

Our approach empowers leadership to deliberate on data, proactively assessing potential failures. By strategically evaluating risks, you can mitigate their impact and foster a culture of thoughtful decision-making.

Decision Literacy:

Elevate your organizational decision literacy. Connect with us to instill a collective understanding of risks, ensuring that your team makes informed decisions and navigates challenges with resilience.

Data and BI at the Forefront:

Balancing Instinct with Data:

While instinct plays a role, it shouldn’t stand alone in steering decisions. Elevate your team’s strategic thinking by placing data and business intelligence (BI) at the forefront. Craft intelligent organizational policies to fortify your business against avoidable setbacks.

Secure Success with Data-Driven Insights:

Our approach empowers leaders to make sound decisions by leveraging data-driven insights. Connect with us to seamlessly integrate data and BI into your strategic framework, safeguarding your business against unnecessary challenges and steering it toward sustained success.

Data analytics using Business intelligence

If your business is brimming with valuable business intelligence data but struggles to enhance profitability or achieve growth through traditional methods, it’s time to unlock the transformative power of AI. Experience a significant boost in your business by leveraging AI’s unique perspective on your data.

The Power of AI Perspective:

Enhanced Decision-Making:

Many companies face challenges in achieving their goals. Relying solely on managerial experience can lead to failures, as human memory is fallible. AI introduces a fresh perspective, enhancing decision-making by preventing repeated failures.

Flashlight Memory Challenges:

Human “flashlight memory” retains essential information but may lose critical details when making decisions. AI acts as a reliable memory bank, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of past decisions and their outcomes.

Preventing Repeated Failures:

Profound Insights:

By inputting your historical data into an intelligent AI system, you gain profound insights that go beyond human memory. This strategic use of AI prevents repeated failures, providing a clear understanding of the decisions needed to achieve desired goals.

Strategic Growth:

Give your business a competitive edge by leveraging AI’s perceptive capabilities. Grow strategically, tapping into the wealth of intelligence within your data to make informed decisions and propel your business toward success.

Partner with Hidile for AI Excellence:

Expert Guidance:

Hidile offers expert guidance in integrating AI into your business intelligence strategy. Our solutions are designed to empower businesses, ensuring they harness the full potential of their data.

Proactive Decision-Making:

Transform your approach to decision-making with Hidile’s AI solutions. Embrace a proactive strategy that prevents repeated failures and fosters a profound understanding of the decisions required for your business’s desired goals.


6% to 10%

from studying 100 leading
global companies

40% to 100%

Personalized brand experience
involving 1000 customers by Google

Many companies increase their brand awareness through data analytics using personalized data. Enterprises needing help to compete with the leading brands achieved new heights in customer experience using the data acquired. To create a better experience in their business innovation. All industries are putting personalization at the center of their enterprise strategies.

Navigate the Complexities of Customer Experience with Precision! In a landscape flooded with software tools promising to elevate every facet of customer interaction, achieving comprehensive end-to-end personalization remains a challenge. However, we are at the forefront of addressing critical issues

360-Degree Customer View:

We tackle the critical challenge of crafting a comprehensive 360-degree customer view. Our strategic integration of automation, AI-powered intelligence, and activation tools sets the stage for precision in customer experience.

End-to-End Personalization

Achieve end-to-end personalization that goes beyond promises. Our approach empowers businesses to not only overcome challenges but to thrive in the era of AI-driven recommendations.

Strategic Integration:

We are at the forefront of integrating automation, AI-powered intelligence, and activation tools strategically. This sets your brand apart in the dynamic digital landscape.

Thrive with AI-Driven Recommendations:

Thrive in the age of intelligent recommendations. Our solutions empower your business to stay ahead, delivering personalized experiences that resonate with your customers.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is changing daily, so it has become challenging to manage alone by an enterprise. Many enterprises constantly experience the financial and data breach consequences through cyber incidents. We continuously innovate and industrialize our ability to evade cyber-attacks. We can maintain up-to-date cyber defenses of your business as a cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) company.

company affected Cyber attacks in the year 2022
0 %
Businesses experienced loss.
0 %
It took 1-6 months to recover
0 %

Without a high level of security operations expertise, organizations are at greater risk of suffering the consequences of a significant cyber incident. Through Hidile’s CSaaS service, you can leverage specialists to fulfill critical cybersecurity needs. Due to the shortage in global security experts pose challenges for higher security risks.

Companies that outsource cybersecurity services have economic advantages.

  • The cost of CSaaS service is lower than the recovery cost.
  • Specific skills are required, making the talent expensive.
  • CSaaS service will have a better experience than the in-house team because of facing different challenges.
  • Insurance coverages require a high level of security for claiming. We have knowledge of insurability on attacks.