OKR in service sector -Qatar

Madre supplies manpower to multi-billion dollar organizations in the Middle East region, especially to the construction and infrastructure industry. With employee campsites spread all across Qatar and Bahrain, Madre manages more than 500 people from various nationalities.,

Key Challenges and Requirements

With a large pool of manpower to manage, one of the key challenges for Madre was the inability to effectively locate, find, and monitor its people. The fact the employees were scattered across multiple locations made it even more difficult to manage the workforce for the purposes of task management, employee complaint management, and resource allocation. Madre was also looking for a way to track the people who visited its office by collecting the necessary data about them and the visit.

Solutions Offered by Hidile

Madre was one of a kind project for Hidile that required utmost dedication and a clear understanding of the HR domain. The solution built by Hidile for Madre involved 4 applications:

  • Task management: this application was built to delegate, manage, and track employee tasks smoothly to avoid the manual and time-consuming way of doing it.
  • Project & asset management: this application helps in tracking employee location, project details, employee accommodation details, etc. It enabled the Madre team to effectively track and allocate resources to new projects with data easily available at their fingertips.
  • Visitor tracking: the visitor tracking tool was an iOS application where visitors were asked to log in their information during entry and exit using an iPad.

Business Benefits

  • Managing the tasks, complaint management, and resource allocation of 500+ employees across {number of locations} effectively.
  • Consolidating and making employee data available irrespective of the project they are deployed in.
  • Improvement in productivity of up to 15%.

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