Learning Management Systems

HiDile caters to learning management software that is specially branded for your business. These enable you to instantly access all training videos, manuals, and eLearning courses from a single location! Save time searching for training documents, our micro-learning portals provide a “Google”-like experience, providing instant access to all training content. We provide everything you need to get started, and our pricing plans make us a cost-effective option for all enterprises!

Potential Of A Learning Management Software

A learning management software is web-based or self-hosted and empowers the organisation’s delivery and management of educational resources and training programmes. An LMS is a platform that makes e-learning easier for both administrators and students. It moves e-learning past its early reliance on CD-ROMS and email-based papers, both of which lacked collaboration or real-time material changes.

Why Choose Hidile For Learning Management Software?

We provide LMS platforms to offer self-paced, on-demand online training courses and workshops. All learning preferences are taken into account, and personalised learning results are developed based on your particular wants or specifications. You can finish each course at your own pace and on your schedule.

Our eLearning team has proven expertise in designing efficient online training courses for any educational organisation. We provide top-tier results that alter training by utilising top-notch technologies and instructional theory based on empirical research. From concept to implementation, we work together with small and midsize enterprises to transform learning objectives and strategies into enjoyable learning opportunities. And we make learning enjoyable.

We have a track record of empowering organisations of all sizes to increase performance and knowledge transfer. HiDile has a varied team of professionals to deliver a perfect balance of expertise for e-learning incorporating visual design, project management, platform development, and instructional design.

Features of Learning Management Software


Quizzes, knowledge tests, discussion forums, and multimedia content make the learning experience more interesting and improve information retention. Our LMSs also enable the students, managers, and instructors to collaborate and communicate with one another, which can improve the learning experience.


Online training delivered through Learning Management Software provides for rapid scaling. Our LMS can be used for a variety of training programmes, from a single course to a comprehensive curriculum, and is easily scalable to match an organization’s needs.

Continuous learning

The learning process never stops with an LMS, making it easy for learners to stay up to speed with the newest developments, trends, and skills.

Transition To Online Learning With LMS

It is no longer sufficient to complete the training online using a regular, off-the-shelf learning management system (LMS), especially given that eLearning is now more than just a choice; it is also a need. A customised LMS’s control and flexibility make it considerably simpler to achieve business training objectives.

Although switching from in-person to online training can be challenging, it can also be very advantageous since online training enables flexibility and convenience that traditional in-person training cannot match. The benefits of online training can far surpass the hurdles of transition with the correct tools and tactics.

Benefits of Hidile
Learning Management Software

Solid brand identity

Training is as much about establishing and reinforcing organisational values as it is about delivering knowledge and developing skills. Through a company’s branding, such concepts are represented both directly and indirectly. Branding works best when it is ubiquitous so that people who interact with it regularly remember it.

With a customised LMS, everything from the training materials to the overall visual appearance of the platform may convey the company’s brand. Branding does not stop with slapping a brand on top of a training course. It also addresses the more apparent features, such as the platform interface, and the more subtle aspects, such as tone and messaging.

Increased user engagement

The ability to customise and personalise your courses to the needs of the user benefits both the student and the administrator:

  • For students – The primary advantage of having a customised LMS is that it allows organisations to improve usability through visual design changes. Users are more inclined to participate in the training since it is relevant to them. Users will have an easier time interacting with the platform and following the learning pathway planned for them if the visual and structural design is customised to better cater to their demands.
  • For administrative personnel – Administrators can see how learners interact with training from the top down. One of their primary responsibilities is to determine how effective a programme is by establishing metrics, collecting data, and presenting such statistics in a way that establishes pathways for learners to grow. Our customised LMS gives administrators tools to improve their reports, tracking methods, and mapping capabilities, making their job much easier. Our customised LMS also provide a comprehensive managed learning solution, allowing administrators to delegate small duties to the providers and focus on more pressing issues.


Regardless of the sector or field, organisations are dynamic entities. To survive and prosper, they adapt over time by expanding and diversifying their workforce, raising their level of expertise, and expanding the scope of their product and service offerings. Any organisation that wants to maintain its members’ skill and knowledge levels are equipped to take on new challenges should have a tailored LMS.

An LMS that has been specifically designed for a certain organisation can be moulded in the way that its users like anticipating the potential that it may need to go through several changes to adapt to the organization’s changing demands.

Frequently Asks Questions

Yes, we do. we support you with all your interests, so we should start the project from scratch, we got great resources which ensure your application bug free and on time deliverance.

Its in accordance with your demand, if you join (contact) us and share your needs, we’ll be able to create a proposal, also you will get a round figure about the cost of project after meeting your requirement.

You get LMS build in SAP litmos which not obliged cost as ours, because we build high quality application with expert technology like React and Node so you can evaluate many times more and customize at any mode. We have already being experienced with doing a great LMS application with React and Node which has the capacity of at least 10000 simultaneous viewer app which is total successful.

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